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3D BIM Modelling and Shop Detailing

Since 1973 PDC has led the BIM management and detailing industries, being one of the first to utilize 3D and BIM for the detailing of steel structures.

Our 45+ years of experience in the industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors have built our reputation based on understanding our client’s requirements and collaborating on project needs and delivering relevant solutions.
PDC has been utilizing the advanced BIM (Building Information Modelling) capabilities modelling software’s, creating millimetre perfect fabrication models which are data rich with all relevant information required for procurement of material, fabrication and erection of structural and miscellaneous steelwork. 

Understanding the importance of the 3D data contained in the models has driven PDC to develop stringent business and quality systems, enabling clients to utilize this data in their workflow processes. The model is configured to be the central data storage for integration into building maintenance and operations systems.  LOD 500 models include completed parameters and attributes specified in the owners BIM deliverable specification.

Model Auditing and Sanitization 

PDC have the ability to audit design models through every stage of the project. The audit deliverable is a detailed report which can include screenshots and explanations which are given to the client to highlights errors, inconsistencies and state of completion as per the scope. We will also make note of anything that has not been completed to industry specific best practices.

3D Laser Scanning

PDC have full capability to use point cloud data to produce highly accurate 3D models to suit individual client requirements. Owner Operators continue to benefit from the 3D laser scanning as PDC converts the accurate, high-resolution high-quality data to form a legacy 3D  digital asset/model that assist in the asset management and downstream operational work processes. 
Laser scanning can benefit projects in a multitude of ways. From capturing existing conditions to providing an accurate basis for intelligent model creation, laser scans and point clouds are a simple, yet significant, tool for managing both existing and new projects.


PDC also has extensive detailing experience with large modularized material handling projects.  PDC are aware of and are experienced in the schedule sequence requirements associated with modularized designs and is able to effectively manage priority areas aligned with schedule delivery.  


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