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“Our experience in doing business with PDC has always been an enjoyable one. So much of the work is done on the front end of a project that is critical to its success, that the quality and accuracy that PDC provide is critical to our own success. They have continually approached our projects with proficiency, and the level of responsiveness they offer during those crucial times is reassuring. They are not only capable, but also down to earth and easy to work with in a team environment; this is why we rate them as one of our best engineering services suppliers.
I would not hesitate to recommend PDC to anyone requiring engineering services.”

Pat Tallon, Chief Executive Officer

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Why PDC?

PDC is committed to delivering value to clients across individual and multiple project lifecycles. Through early project engagement, our objective is to achieve zero rework during construction and improve project efficiencies and productivity through our integrated service model and 3D BIM Management capabilities.  Our TW3 (The Way We Work) management system ensures we deliver.

Technology first

Innovation in thought and advanced tools are fundamental to our integrated project delivery. We see the use of technology to deliver our designs and detailed plans as critical to each project's precision and completeness. 


Our knowledge and experience is further strengthened through our low staff turnover rate which is less than 5% per year versus current industry standards of 20-30%.  Our team has many years of experience across multiple industries and geographical regions.

Project Management and Business Systems

We are committed to industry best practice and continuous improvement. This is reflected in our technology and our business systems which are accredited to world best practice in regards to quality, health and safety and environment.

Culture and Values

We fully commit ourselves to the vision, mission, culture and values of PDC, our colleagues and our clients.

We value all trusted relationships, with our clients, management, suppliers and team members, acting with trust, respect and integrity and professionalism. We pay respect to everyone and we embrace the different skills, attributes and backgrounds of our colleagues for the value they bring to the company.

We encourage our teams through positive and quality communication, striving at all times to deliver quality, efficient and timely results for clients.

Core Values

Our commitment to this management system means we consistently deliver project efficiencies by:

Reducing design errors

Poor design documentation is a major contributor to inefficiencies in project capital expenditure. Integrating and standardising data from the various design disciplines and increasing communication between project teams resolve this issue. The design models become the construction models, reducing final clash checks and reviews resulting in a consistently low rework rate of less then 0.1% of contract value. With efficient clash detection, PDC has been able to demonstrate improved project efficiencies by greater than 10%. What you see is what you get!

Improving scheduling

An integrated delivery model allows for improved efficiencies across a project lifecycle; parallel workflows, stronger knowledge retention and reduced duplication of effort by different project participants. Through this integrated approach and improved project accuracy, PDC can reduce overall project duration by more than 12%.

Lowering environmental impact

PDC is committed to sustainability. Our experience and systems enable us to provide lean and repeatable designs that consider not only construction requirements but also operational issues. This provides significant benefits to our customers, communities and environment by reducing waste, delivering more efficient design, reducing site clearances and improving visualization to assist in planning and communication.

Reducing safety risk

Significant error and risk can occur during the construction stage of a project. PDC’s ability to deliver accurate design and efficient processes ensures there is minimal rework on site and therefore reduced hours on site. With our millimetre perfect models, BIM tools to assist in planning, and scheduling and powerful visualization tools, safety issues can be addressed at an early stage, well before construction and operations commence.

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