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Integrated Design, 3D Modelling, Shop detailing and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management and Consultancy

Since 1972, PDC has grown to become an internationally recognised global integrated design, detailing and Building Information Modelling (BIM) consulting company. PDC have delivered projects across various industries including, resources, entertainment, residential, commercial and industrial in over 25 countries worldwide.

PDC was one of the first detailing firms in Australia to work with object-based 3D modelling systems and now provides and works with global clients around the world with its services. Our service offering centres on intelligent 3D models that make complex data streams intelligent and context rich. 

PDC is about adding, validating and using the intelligence in models to deliver efficiencies in construction, infrastructure and asset management.

PDC has led the BIM revolution and in 2012 established PDC BIM, a rapidly growing service offering focused on providing cutting edge BIM and Asset Information Management (AIM) technology and services. PDC BIM is now widely acknowledged as an industry leader in the development and application of digital construction technology and business improvement processes.

PDC’s solutions help companies in energy, resources and commercial construction to improve design coordination, construction management, increase plant availability and better manage maintenance and inspection of assets. Our passion for efficiency underpins reduced health, safety and environmental risk. Our systems enable lean, repeatable designs to minimize operational and materials waste, as well as land clearance. The high accuracy of our modelling also means less work and re-work, reducing fatigue from time spent on site.


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“Our experience in doing business with PDC has always been an enjoyable one. So much of the work is done on the front end of a project that is critical to its success, that the quality and accuracy that PDC provide is critical to our own success. They have continually approached our projects with proficiency, and the level of responsiveness they offer during those crucial times is reassuring. They are not only capable, but also down to earth and easy to work with in a team environment; this is why we rate them as one of our best engineering services suppliers.
I would not hesitate to recommend PDC to anyone requiring engineering services.”

Pat Tallon, Chief Executive Officer

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